Watercolor Painting - ORIGINAL - ‘I’ve arrived’

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Watercolor Painting - ORIGINAL 16”X20”

This is an original watercolor painting of something that was swimming around in my head. I could sit down with you and tell you everything in my head but your meaning and interpretation is interesting to me.

What I can say about my idea, for me is that it has to do with creating the future and what you think is in between you and your dreams coming true. I wrote a poem to go with this painting which is probably where the idea came from. The poem is the last photo.

It is on 100% cotton acid free #140 lb paper and is not framed.

The background is a page in a passport. I think we should have stamps for states. I think I‘lol make those.

Prints and t-shirts are available of this painting.

I also offer commissions of this so you can get yourself in your own passport painting. Text me if you are interested in this option. 314-421-9901