Commission an oil or watercolor painting

Have you or someone you love painted!


The steps

1. Send me an email - or a text 1-314-421-9901 to chat and send your photos.
2. Search for photos you like. I like photos that are clear and bright and looking at the camera. Higher resolution photos are better. I crop an create the composition to best suit the painting. I can also combine photographers for instance, if someone has passed away or there aren’t any photographs with two people together. I’ve also painted a grandchild in a man’s arms who had passed away making that photograph an impossibility. 

Depending on how many commissions are ahead of you, it’ll take between two weeks and a month to complete it. There may be some drying time involved before shipping for it not to mess up.

All measurements are in inches.

Watercolors are generally restricted to one person due to size limitations.  

Watercolor Paintings: with pencil, gauche and sometimes oil pastels on heavy 140 lb. acid free watercolor paper, unframed.

12” X 16” - $575.

Oil Paintings: on hard gessoed board 1/4”, unframed.  2” deep museum style Can be requested.

16”x 20” - $1,280.
18”x 24” - $1,728.

Shipping is free.

All are unframed and the sizes can be adjusted if needed, depending on canvas availability. When the painting has more than one person it works and looks better larger.
Half down as a deposit and the balance to ship.


Cowboy watercolor painting
Watercolor painting commission
Oil painting commission

Oil painting portrait commission

Oil painting portrait commission