Original watercolor painting ‘Remedios Varo - mirror or crystal ball?’

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This painting is of an artist you may not know. The background is of one of her paintings. 12X17” watercolor on paper

This is Remedios Varo, 1908 –1963 Spanish surrealist painter who worked in Spain, France, and Mexico.

In the 50’s when she was, ‘doing her thing’ trying to make her living as an artist, to feel loved and to find peace and community in Mexico, do you think she truly believed that she already was all of that?
Did she know how amazing she was while living in the middle of a group of male surrealist painters who only thought of woman as muses?
Did she ignore her circumstances of her time and truly know her value or was she worrying about money or about who loved her? Does her painting explain what was going on in her head?
Did she realize that in 2023, an artist named Karen would be inspired by her art and do a painting of her that hopefully also would inspire others and showcase how loved and valued she was.

12”X16” watercolor. This painting is UNFRAMED.

The painting is on Acid free heavyweight watercolor paper.
The painting is unframed and designed to float in a standard sized frame.
The colors of the actual painting are richer and more vibrant than this web image. Each painting is signed and carefully packed and shipped.

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All my paintings are done from photos while I sit inside my Airstream with a movie on and my art supplies spread all over my couch.

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