Original Oil Painting - “Solitude Serenade”

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Oil painting on hardboard. 16”X20”

1/4” thick and ready to frame. This painting is unframed.

This captivating painting offers a striking portrayal of modern femininity and introspection. A perfect blend of bold colors and expressive brushwork captures the essence of a young woman caught in a moment of contemplation. The vivid contrast of the warm yellow and cool tones complements the subject's thoughtful expression, making this artwork a compelling statement piece for any contemporary space. Ideal for art lovers who appreciate pieces that evoke emotion and spark conversation, this painting is not just a visual delight but a doorway into the complexities of human emotion. Add a touch of sophistication and depth to your collection with this exquisite piece.

I have several angels or guides in the universe that I picture in my head when I ask for answers and guidance. One of my angels is my twin brother but this is clearly not him. This is a symbol of holding on to faith and hope when sometimes you feel like your guides aren’t out there. They always are even when we feel this way. We are never alone even though sometimes we feel like we are out here doing it completely by ourselves. This painting for me is an anchor of faith and trust.