Original Oil Painting - “Subconscious Orchestra Conductor”

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original Oil painting on hardboard 16”x20” 

3/4” thick and ready to frame. This painting is unframed.

This captivating piece of art showcases a young woman, positioned with her knees drawn close to her chest, sitting contemplatively near a water's edge. The artist's use of cool tones, particularly blues and greens, dominates the background, creating a tranquil aquatic atmosphere. The woman's skin is rendered with warm, almost iridescent hues, blending smoothly with pinks and oranges that are reminiscent of the way sunlight dances upon wet skin. Her braids and dark hair contrast vividly with the surrounding colors, anchoring the viewer's attention to her serene, almost ethereal presence. She wears reflective sunglasses, adding an intriguing element, as a small fish is placed with delicate precision near her left eye.


The choice to incorporate reflective surfaces in the artwork is particularly noteworthy. The effect of the sunglasses not only adds depth but also invokes a sense of introspection and duality—perhaps suggesting an inner world rich with thoughts and dreams. The starfish in the foreground tethered by a string emphasizes a playful yet poignant connection to nature, symbolizing the delicate ties between the human and aquatic realms.


The brushwork in this piece alternates between smooth gradients and more textured areas, conveying a sense of fluidity and movement. The interplay of light and shadow is executed with skill, allowing the viewer to feel the coolness of the surroundings contrasted with the warm light illuminating the woman's skin. This contrast enhances the overall emotional impact, evoking feelings of peace, contemplation, and a touch of melancholy.


One strength of this piece is the harmonious color palette, which balances cool and warm tones effectively. The artist successfully creates a dreamy, almost surreal atmosphere that engulfs the viewer in a sense of floating between reality and fantasy. Additionally, the subtle details, such as the reflections in the water and the delicate rendering of the fish and the starfish, demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship and attention