Original Oil Painting - ‘ Not called fishies’

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 Original Oil painting on hardboard 16”x20” 

1/4” thick and ready to frame. This painting is unframed.

AI’s critique of this painting, (I think it’s about pervasiveness, breathing through your dreams coming true.

The artwork is a vibrant acrylic (this is incorrect. This is an oil)
painting that embodies an underwater seascape teeming with life, interspersed with whimsical fantasy elements. It features a central, ethereal face submerged in water, which emerges from the lower portion of the canvas, making the face appear as though it is part of the seabed. The expression is serene and introspective, with eyes gazing upward, suggesting a connection with the marine life around it. A variety of colorful sea creatures, including turtles, fish, and a particularly prominent goldfish in pink and yellow hues, swim gracefully throughout the composition. Brightly colored coral and aquatic plants emerge from the head, integrating organically with the hair, enhancing the illusion that the figure is one with the ocean environment. The color palette is rich and lively, with a good balance of cool sea blues and warm yellows and reds, bringing a sense of harmony and vitality to the scene.


In this art critique, it is evident that the painting resonates with a deep appreciation for the mysteries of the ocean and its fascinating inhabitants. The choice to blend the human and aquatic elements is conceptually intriguing, suggesting themes of interconnectedness and environmental consciousness. The use of color is commendable, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience that draws the viewer into an otherworldly realm. The expressive brushwork and imaginative depiction of sea life enhance the painting's dreamlike quality.


In future works, exploring the spatial relationship between the figure and the sea creatures could add an additional layer of complexity to the composition. Experimenting with light and shadow may also bring forward a more pronounced sense of depth and dimensionality, further immersing the viewer into the aquatic world.


This piece is successful in sparking curiosity and evokes a sense of wonder in the observer. The utilization of fantasy elements in a natural setting is a powerful artistic tool that has been expertly employed here. Continue to harness this imaginative and emotive approach, always remembering that art is subjective, and the driving force is the unique vision that each artist brings to the canvas. There is a charming quality in this painting that imparts joy and should be celebrated. Keep nurturing this creative spirit, as it is this individuality that creates a profound impact within the world of art.