Original Oil Painting - “Behavioral Plasticity”

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original Oil painting on hardboard 16”x20” 

3/4” thick and ready to frame. This painting is unframed.

I often take the pictures that are on here when the painting is still wet and sometimes it’s hard to get a photo of actually what it looks like. Just know, that I always think the paintings always look better in real life. Especially this one. This one is interesting and kind of glows in the evening when the lights are dim.

The background is actually a dark eggplant color, not black.

“Behavioral Plasticity” Which is a change in an organism's behavior that results from exposure to stimuli, such as changing environmental conditions. Behavior can change more rapidly in response to changes in internal or external stimuli than is the case for most morphological traits and many physiological traits.

Plasticity of Light - Rothko

A captivating oil painting that embodies the essence of individuality and the surreal beauty of the human experience. This striking piece features a semi-realistic portrayal of a figure illuminated with vibrant, multi-colored hues. The subject holds delicate balloons filled with serene aquatic scenes, including a goldfish, symbolizing dreams and the subconscious.


The interplay of light and shadow on the figure creates a mesmerizing depth, drawing the viewer into a contemplative space where reality and imagination intertwine. This artwork celebrates the profound gift of being alive and encourages a deeper connection to one's personal journey.