'Galina' original Oil Painting

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Original oil painting on wood. 24”x24"

This painting represents the struggle people have with being able to move on and change their circumstances that seem impossible. 

The background is a Jean Michel Basquiat painting and represents the outside world and the negative energy of their current reality. 

They feel like they are drowning on the inside while trying to stay afloat with the dumbest little inner tube possibly. All while putting on a pretty face for the world.

After peeling down the entire onion of Karen Ann Jones, what I found was ‘Karen the painter.’ The same person I was when I was 5. I never changed, I only left who I was for a while. I paint because that is who I am. Being my most authentic me is my true integrity.
My goal in my work is to express my optimistic, happy, in love with life, quirky, deep, intimate and passionate perspective of life.

I choose my painting by recreating a visual of the feelings I am havening at that moment. I get to spend personal time with that passionate feeling that I long to experience. This is probably why I don’t paint a painting in one day. I want to linger in that relationship.