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Original Oil Painting on hardwood. 12”X12”

There are 11 paintings that I completed in a small work challenge workshop all with the theme of looking at our values.

These are all close ups of faces each inspiring us to remember our awesomeness.

Sometimes in life we need a little life cheerleader to remind us of our excellence.

This painting was inspired by something that is a huge part of my day and life. In painting focus is almost all there is.

My ability to get to my focus, stay with my focus and build my quality and sustainability of it.  It’s the hardest part of painting sometimes.

Focus to me is the skill that I think is way more important in life that people treat it.

Focus: Concentrated, attentive, absorbed, fascinated, steady, observant, single minded.

Paying extreme attention to the present moment.

’Focus is the gateway to all thinking.’

Breathe meditate