Original watercolor painting ‘Leonor Fini’

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This painting is of an artist you may not know. The background is of one of her paintings. 16 X 12” watercolor on paper


Original watercolor painting ‘Leonor Fini - The strength of the female gaze’

This is a painting I did of the artist, Leonor Fini. She traveled in circles of well know male artists like, Picasso,Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and René Magritte.

She was not a muse, she was the artist.  Mostly everyone knows who Salvador Dali it but few know Leonor Fini. She often painted about gender and sexuality and refused to join the Surrealist movement. She beat to her own drum. The background of my painting is a representation of one of her paintings. I painted it upside down. The artist, Basquiat often crossed out or turned upside down things to bring more attention to them.

12”X16” watercolor. This painting is UNFRAMED.

The painting is on Acid free heavyweight watercolor paper.
The painting is unframed and designed to float in a standard sized frame.
The colors of the actual painting are richer and more vibrant than this web image. Each painting is signed and carefully packed and shipped.

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All my paintings are done from photos while I sit inside my Airstream with a movie on and my art supplies spread all over my couch.

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