Original Oil Painting - “Opulent Dreamsicle”

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original Oil painting on hardboard 16”x20” 

1/4” thick and ready to frame. This painting is not framed.

This is a mesmerizing masterpiece that captivates the viewer with its dynamic interplay of color and symbolism. The artwork showcases a vibrant, whimsical figure of a woman with vivid orange hair, captured in a playful squatting pose. Clad in a pristine white dress and heels embellished with pearls, her bold makeup, highlighted by striking blue eyeshadow, complements her daring expression as she enjoys a popsicle.

The intricate backdrop adorned with a mosaic of various money bills in shades of green adds depth and intrigue, weaving together themes of value and identity. The juxtaposition of the lively figure against the monetary imagery creates a thought-provoking and engaging narrative. This painting invites you to explore the tension between whimsy and wealth, offering an inspirational journey into the artist's vibrant world.